Greg Ku

Greg was an MSTP student at UCSF from 1996-2004. He received his Ph.D. with Art Weiss where he studied T cell activation. After internal medicine and endocrinology and metabolism fellowship at UCSF, he trained in the labs of Michael T. McManus and Michael S. German at the Diabetes Center at UCSF. His goal is to conduct research that will help both type 1 and type 2 diabetics.




Jessica Lee -- Post-doctoral fellow

Jessica was an undergraduate at UC Berkeley and received her Ph.D. from UCLA where she studied the Diet1 gene in Karen Reue's laboratory. She is studying a new regulator of mitochondrial morphology.




Deeksha Gambhir -- Post-doctoral fellow

Deeksha got her undergraduate degree in pharmacy in Delhi and her Ph.D. at the Georgia Regents University where she studied diabetes complications in the retina. Now, she is working on the unfolded protein response in the beta cell.




Tommy Hennings -- Graduate student

Tommy is a BMS graduate student whose primary research interest is diabetes. He is working on mitochondrial dynamics in the beta cell.




Justin Choe -- Undergraduate student

Justin is a senior in bioengineering at UC Berkeley. 




Christopher Lan - Undergraduate student

Chris is a junior studying Chemical Biology at UC Berkeley. He is working on investigating the gene expression and biochemical interactions of a novel gene.